iSurprise Ellis Bridge

Iconic and historic steel bridge with first city gate

The arched bridge has become a symbol of the city- bridging the old and the new.

Casting history in metal

This iconic arch bridge across the Sabarmati has been a witness to India’s Independence struggle. It is from where Gandhiji addressed the masses, declaring his Dandi march on 8th March 1930. Connecting the old city with the new Western side, it stands as a marker of Ahmedabad history.

What’s in a name?

The bridge is named after Sir Barrow Helbert Ellis, former commissioner of the city during British rule. Now renamed as Swami Vivekananda bridge after a great local leader and spiritual guru, it is still commonly known as Ellis Bridge. Built as a wooden bridge, destroyed by flood and rebuilt in steel - at a cost of Rs. 407,564 in the year 1890.

Evening stroll

Amdevadis have a soft spot for his iconic bridge that has featured in a number of Gujarati and Bollywood films. A place of nostalgia. Enjoy an evening walk along the sidewalk on either side of the bridge under the shimmering light of the vintage metal lamp-posts. On hot, summer nights cold drink and soda vendors bring out their carts for families and children.

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