iEat San Yod Phochana

A local favorite Cantonese restaurant since the 60s

From one noodle dish

A few decades ago, Chun Pui Sae Ung opened a rad na store. Rad na is a Thai-Chinese noodle dish comprised of stir-fried wide rice noodles with a meat poured over with a thick gravy. This dish is originally from the Chaoshan area. Slowly, the owner expanded the menu to include many siu mei (燒味), or roasted meat dishes. The excellence in taste and quality eventually made San Yod Pochana a Bang Rak household name. Rad na and roasted duck are still some of the customers favorite dishes.

Authentic Cantonese food

Ask any Bang Rak resident for good Cantonese food and they will point to San Yod. While the restaurant was indeed started by an overseas Chinese, they believe the dishes really reflect the taste of Southern China as the kitchen strictly adheres to ancient recipes.

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