iSee Hung Shing Temple

Shrine at the shoreline to protect the fisherman

Who was Hung Shing?

Hung Shing was an astronomer, geographer and mathematician in Guangdong, skilled at observing meteorological changes. A reputable expert in the Tang Dynasty, he protected many with his weather forecasts, and hence, was well recognized as the God of Southern Sea, revered by fishermen and sea traders.

Sitting by the shore line …

In 1890 this was a small shrine by the harbour as a landmark for seaman (yes, Queen’s Road East was the original coastline!). In the early days of the British colony, it was expanded by residents into a proper temple, built in the rocks by the shoreline.

Ship, Schooner and Sam Pan

The shoreline in front of Hung Shing Temple was the place where sampans would gather for fisherman to sell their catch. It was also where British built shipyards, piers and godowns. Hence the name of the streets, shop, schooner and sampan. Tai Wong Street - meaning ‘King’s Street’ in Chinese – was naturally named after the Hung Shing the King.

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