iSurprise Victory Lacson Underpass

Underground link and shopping centre

Cutting Quiapo in half

Part of Manila’s post-war reconstruction plans was a massive widening of Quezon Boulevard from 4 to 8 lanes cutting Quiapo in two halves. To reconnect to the parts, the Quiapo and Recto pedestrian underpasses were built, commissioned by Mayor Arsenio Lacson. The underpasses still carry his name.

Underground market

When over the years the underpass became a hotspot for crime, the idea was floated to create an underground mall. In 2008 Victory group, a large mall operator in the Philippines, opened a successful shopping centre.

Secret rice cake shop

By the Arlegui Exit, there sits a small stall that sells Quiapo’s best rice cakes. They come in many varieties and flavours, like the Filipino Classic Biko (glutinous rice with coconut) and Sapin Sapin (multi-layered rice cakes). Get a slice for only PHP 10.

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