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Quality antiques from across the archipelago

Art & Antiques

Tired of the cheap stuff at the beach shops? Mega Gallery has a good selection of real antiques from West Java, Yogyakarta, Solo and Eastern part of Indonesia, etc.

Passionate collector

Owner Pak Gunadi has passionately collected old fabrics, paintings, coins, statues, carvings and Wayang puppets. Mega gallery is spacious and has a special room designated to antiques from Denpasar, Klungkung and other places in Bali.

Priceless fabrics

You may want to ask the owner about his collection of antique grinseng, traditional fabrics woven from threads that have first soaked for years in dye until reaching the right colours and consistency to be used. The secret recipe for the dye typically is made from roots and plants but in rare cases may also contain human blood.

Our pick

Check out the unique collection of Balinese calendar paintings.

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