iSee Dafo Temple

Guangzhou Version of Spirited Away

One of the five jungles

The Dafo (Great Buddha) Temple was first built in the Southern Han Dynasty as Xinzang Temple. In the Ming Dynasty, it was expanded into Longzang Temple, which was later changed to the Patrol Office. In the first year of the reign of Qing Shun, the office was destroyed by fire. In the spring of the second year of the Kangxi reign, pingnan king Shang Kexi rebuilt the temple in the style of the official temple in Beijing  and the local Lingnan Style. Later, after the expansion of the monastery and flourishing of Buddhism, the temple  was recognized and became one of the five jungles in Guangzhou.

Multifunctional temple

The Dafo Temple features a vegetarian pavilion, a vegetarian buffet restaurant, a library, and an art gallery. In addition to appreciating  the appearance of the temple, it is also recommended to learn about the history of the Great Buddha Temple and related artwork, and then enjoy a vegetarian meal to have a profound experience of Buddhist culture.

The world outside seemed to be cut off. All that was in front of me was the shaking of candlelight and the whispers of the monks.

We recommend

Vegetarian buffet: the environment is elegant, the ingredients are fresh, the dishes are diverse, there are cold dishes, staple foods, sugar, drinks and so on. Apple juice is especially recommended, you can drink the original sweet and sour taste of apples.

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