iEat Wai Ying Fast Food

Dimsum on-the-go

Dim sum at light speed

Wai Ying is a fast-food restaurant which serves casual Chinese dishes. Their best-sellers are the dim sum and congee, paired with authentic milk tea, and serve them faster than any other dishes! Wai Ying is by many considered the best Chinese fast-food joint in town. Add it to the fact that they’ve got a ton of dim sum choices to choose from which makes the speed of service even more impressive.

Our favourites

Ready for dim sum? How about some teahouse specialities such as roast duck noodles (Chinese-style noodles topped with roasted duck), siomai (steamed pork dumplings), Hakaw (steamed shrimp dumpling), congee (thick soup made of rice and pork toppings), and curry aiomai (fried Siomai with curry sauce)?

The prices are crazily affordable, ranging from P60 to P200. The most expensive item on the menu has got to be the Roasted Suckling Pig, which sells for P3,600!

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