iEat Dong Bei Dumplings

Handmade Manchuria dumplings

Authentic Manchurian dumplings

This tiny shop is a firm local favourite, supposedly serving the best dumplings in Binondo. Located at the end of Yuchengco Street, many Binondo churchgoers dine here before or after mass. Dong Bei’s dumplings are authentically Manchurian with its recipe coming from the owner himself who hails from Manchuria. They are freshly made every day right in front of the store. Warning: there are only three tables in the resto and closing time is early, around 7-8pm. Fear not - you can still take out frozen dumplings if you can’t make it inside.

Our favourites

Dong Bei’s bestseller is the fried kuchay dumpling price at P150, which is filled with minced pork and kuchay veggies. Some other dishes they serve are xiao long bao and stuffed pancake, both P150 - all of which taste excellent! Dumplings are served steamed or fried with a dipping sauce of vinegar or soy sauce.

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