iSurprise Anjuman E Islam School

Prominent Muslim school in unique art deco building

This school is the pride of the Muslim community of Ahmedabad. It’s an old institution but a very open and progressive one. We celebrate all festivals with equal fervour and educate our children to become good human beings
— KM Qureshi Principal

Progressive Muslim institution

Modelled after the famous Aligarh Muslim University, this school was built a century ago by some esteeemed Gujarati Muslims. In true Ahmedabad nature, the school was set up as a co-ed and open to all castes and religions. Principal KM Qureshi says, “Our school has a glorious legacy of educating illustrious students, who went on to become doctors, lawyers, and leaders – the school stands as an important chapter in the history of the city.”

Art Deco meets traditional architecture

Unique for Ahmedabad, this building has art deco elements, making it a great landmark on Swami Vivekananda Road. Lovingly repainted and restored over the years by the school community.

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